Our Services

Fully Social, we offer a service of care in the home that covers the care of the elderly, but also children. In addition, we do all kind of cleaning of the home to ensure the hygiene and the proper care of the house.


Home help

  • Geriatrics: support service in the home or nursing homes personal care, mobilisation, domestic help, company, walks and reading.
  • Attention patients: accompaniment and care homes and hospitals, both daily and nightly.

Wash and iron

Both continued as specific moments in the home to have more time in the house, we propose to hire someone to go to perform the work for you.


Domestic services

  • Household chores: washing, ironing, food, purchase both continuously as in specific moments.
  • Cleaning: provision of services for tasks in the home continued or cleaning general cleaning at specific times.
  • Internal: personal for all kinds of tasks around the home that staying in the home.

Care and care of babies and children

  • Internal: staff that will handle both of the cleaning of the home and the care of the children, staying in the home.

Other services

  • Personal: we make the selection to all companies in any industry that need staff. Interviews, tests, references. Personal guaranteed.


In-home care for dependent people

Fully Social, we offer specialized care and with over 15 years of experience for dependent older people. We are company approved in Castile and León to the Dependency, you can now receive up to 739€ per month in assistance to the unit.


The Law 39/2006 of 14 December, and the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Care for people in situation of dependency of Spain, more commonly known as the "law of dependence", is a Spanish law that created the current System for Autonomy and Care for Dependency, which is the set of services and benefits aimed at the promotion of personal autonomy, as well as to the protection and care of the people, through public services and private schools accredited.

The Law defines personal autonomy as "the ability to control, adopt, and take own initiative, personal decisions, as well as to develop the basic activities of daily living", and dependence as the "permanent Status of that are the people who, for reasons arising from age, disease or disability, and associated with the lack or loss of autonomy, physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairment, require the attention of another person or other people or important aids to perform basic activities of daily living or, in the case of people with intellectual disabilities, or mental illness, other support for their personal autonomy".

The dependent person what is good for having a disease or event, disabling, or by old age... and The personal dependence is the inability functional to the development of activities of daily living and require assistance for their implementation.


Home help

Assistance geriatríca

Sick care

Household chores

Wash and iron

Preparation of meals


Care of babies and children

Internal staff

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